Personal Info
Age: 27
Name: Dwayne J. Richards
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Favorite Poet: Maya Angelou and Paul Laurence Dunbar... I'm pretty sure the list is longer, but I have a bad memory of names...






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Welcome to my world, well actually our world� you just don't know it yet. A piece of work is only as valuable as the individual who the words are moved by. I write when I'm inspired by whatever is around me and I consider this a gift that God blessed me with, so I will share it with you, my brothers and sisters.

Well, my name is Dwayne J. Richards and my pen name varies by the moment, but for the moment it is Talented. Conceited, ain't I? Naah, I am far from conceited, I am just convinced that we all are talented and when you see my pen name you see yourself.

Born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, I began putting pen to paper at about the age of 15 and I just was always confused and just needed somewhere to express myself. After months of talking to the walls and getting those 'he is crazy' looks (just kidding), I began writing and I haven't stopped since. I left the USVI at about the age of 17 to attend college in South Florida (Got a BS in Computer Science 2002, and a MS in Computer Information Systems 2004) and I have just been doing the life thing ever since.

Welcome to my online home, relax, and get comfy.


5 - New Poems - Just Updated: June 12, 2007

Excuse Me Miss
Beautiful Ambiguity


"With it all, I cannot help being overwhelmed by self-doubts. I hope there is something worthy in my writings and not merely the novelty of a black face associated with the power to rhyme that has attracted attention."

Paul Laurence Dunbar - Updated Monthly

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